Microsoft announced last week that the company would be unveiling its new operating system Windows 10 later this year. Simultaneously, the company announced that they had its newest DirectX 12 APIs in pipeline along with Windows 10, which Microsoft believes will completely change the gaming landscape on Windows ecosystem. Specifically, the company noted that there would be no need for upgrading any graphics cards that are currently in systems, and that at the end of the day – this update will simply deliver a better gaming experience. The lofty expectations though within the company did not stop there.

Microsoft said that this would take gaming to its next generation. Specifically, the software within the update was actually found to deliver frame rates of as much as two times what previous models did. That type of upgrade is something that Microsoft has grown very attached to, and believes genuinely will change the gaming industry. It remains to be seen if those changes, and subsequent update can deliver at that level – and Microsoft is likely looking to boost, as they head into 2015 with a better product at multiple levels, and most importantly a more powerful operating system.

Windows 10 with DirectX 12

The update to DirectX 12 though is not only very focused on improving performance, but also improving focus on mobile platforms – as that is a key indicator moving forward. The company says that it will outperform by a rate of roughly 50% compared to previous editions that run the same operating system. Microsoft also said that power consumption should not change drastically either, which means the company really did work on making sure performance was the top priority.

Windows RT tablets fading to Extinction, No upgrade to Windows 10

Many have said that this will work out well for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, which struggled when the console first launched, but ultimately is gaining some of the market share back that it lost when Sony released its PlayStation 4. However, it does not look like this will be a major change for anyone working with the DirectX 12 in the coming months. Microsoft reiterated that the changes that would be coming wouldn’t require a drastic amount of work or modification from individuals who currently run some variation of DirectX.


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