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HTC One M8 Lollipop or KitKat update confusion persists


HTC One M8 users on the AT&T network thought that they had an update coming about a week ago. However, it would appear as though that update never came to fruition. Instead, AT&T who had originally updated their page to reflect an update to Android – which was said to be rolling out in the days that followed – never rolled. Even more confusingly, the page was then taken down, and several Android websites who reported the release and rollout were left wondering what was going on with the HTC One M8.

The company appears to have come up with a few answers in terms of what is going on with the update and when it will be officially rolled out. It’s also worth pointing out that the update isn’t exactly for everyone who is using an HTC One M8 device. Instead, it’s only for exclusive groups – specifically those running unlocked developer versions of the smartphone. The update in question was the Android 4.4.4 update that many had been waiting for, for some time. They wondered how long it would take to release, and now, it would seem as though HTC is skipping directly to a Lollipop update.

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Since AT&T has initiated the updates to Android 4.4.4, HTC followed suit and released an update of Sense as well. The update though will reflect the changes or initiation of Lollipop or Android 5.0 instead of merely Android 4.4.4. While it all may seem confusing at this point, the best thing to do for many will be to expect the unexpected. It’s unclear how HTC and AT&T will be fully handling the rest of the updates that are pending to be released in the coming months, but with the approach of the launch of the HTC One M9 or Hima device, it could be assumed with good authority that the company isn’t going to fumble anymore releases or launches of additional software on these devices.


It should be noted though that this is not the same update as the one that was released a month ago regarding Google Play Editions of the HTC One M8 that received an update to the latest operating system. Instead, it’s a reflection of what the company is doing with their GSM devices.

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