HTC might have had its flagship device for 2015 leaked in one of the most inconspicuous ways possible. It’s been reported, and rumored online that a photo that was apparently taken of a Sony smartphone – was done so by an employee of HTC. Even worse, that photo – in the reflection of the glass Sony smartphone – reveals a device designed and built by HTC. It shares many of the features that the rumors have suggested – including the last leak – that revealed that the device would feature a square camera insert where the Sony sensor would be included. That being said, it’s still difficult, and too grainy to be certain what is in the picture. However, it does reveal that HTC is having trouble keeping tabs on their latest device.

Some have suggested that HTC could be using a decoy phone at this point to prevent those who have been manufacturing these leaks from actually ruining the surprise of the HTC One M9, or Hima, as it’s being called by those working on it. It’s been widely speculated that HTC would be abandoning the M-namesake that is attached to their One devices, and would be going with the “Hima” namesake moving forward for all future devices.

As far as the specifications go, the HTC One M9 or Hima – looks to have a few tricks up its sleeve yet. While there is some uncertainty about screen size, it looks as though most reports are indicating that a 5-inch 1080p HD display will be used. There have been some rumors suggesting a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, but those have been fairly recent, and relatively unverified. The phone will feature a 2.3GHz 8-core Snapdragon 810 processor in all likelihood.

Despite the rumored challenges with the chipset overheating, and causing some rival Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 to consider a different chipset entirely – HTC seems to be set with the Snapdragon processor, and that is definitely not a bad thing. The 2015 version of the HTC One is also likely to feature 3GB of RAM, as well as 32GB of internal storage – with the usual expansion options through the micro-SD slot. The cameras will be getting a nice upgrade on this device, as it will be going with a 20.7MP rear facing sensor developed by Sony, as well as a 4 Ultrapixel shooter in the front.

The HTC One Hima will also deliver when it comes to sound quality. Media have always been a major calling card for HTC with their One devices, but rumors have been flying around regarding HTC either working with their own speakers – or partnering with Bose on an improved sound system. The battery will also be significantly upgraded, with either a 2,880mAh option or a 3,000mAh option. Either way, that should beef up the time at which this device will run live without interruption.

HTC One M9 leaks in photos ahead of MWC 2015, allegedly has 20.7MP camera

Of course, the HTC One Hima will run Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, as well as HTC Sense UI 7.0 over the top. This will give HTC their usual advantage as Sense has always been one of the best over-the-top operators in the business. It’s expected that the HTC One Hima or M9 will launch in March at MWC, and then be available for purchase sometime thereafter.

Perhaps as little as a month afterward. There have also been rumors this year that HTC would be producing an HTC One Max, which would probably match up nicely with an iPhone 6 Plus, when being compared to its “flagship” counterpart. That said, no one should have any significant expectations with this device, as these rumors have only just began popping up. Either way, the HTC One Hima or M9, will undoubtedly be one of the biggest releases of the year.