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Terra Docs Revamped Using Code Hike – Crypto Times

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The crypto community is still reeling from the collapses of Terra’s UST stablecoin and Terra LUNA in May. And now, the Terra ecosystem team is attempting to redesign the Terra Docs using Code Hike.
1/ 📣 The upgrades keep on coming, and today we’re super excited to introduce the new Terra Docs! 📣

Take a look 👀👉 https://t.co/5UTacfqpkA

Your team has worked hard to roll out the #bestdocsindefi. Here’s what's new on the Terra Docs 🧵👇
The new Terra Docs are among the first web3 applications to include Code Hike, a tool for modern documentation and visualization technology that displays code.
The Terra team is working hard to emphasize that it is a community-owned blockchain where users can build applications by allowing members to update the Docs using the “Edit this page” button at the bottom of each page.
The Docs have been updated to include a beginner-friendly guide to creating smart contracts. Terrain, its development environment for smart contract templates that will be deployed to the Terra blockchain, also includes a tutorial setup.
The redesigned UI includes dark and light modes, as well as improved code boxes. Not only that, but Terra Docs now incorporates Terra’s Swagger REST API documentation, which is an open-source set of rules, specifications, and tools that allow developers to create interactive, machine, and human-readable API documentation.
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