Microsoft continues to struggle as earning reports left investors uncertain, and stocks are plunging yet again. This new round of disappointment comes after the company had worked hard to increase sales and increase market share in key areas through the holiday season. However, as the results grew tired, stale, and even unexciting – concern now returns to the future of the company, and brand.

Once, the company was a powerhouse in the technology world. Debatably, it could have easily been considered the strongest presence in technology. Now, the company seems to be struggling, and the brand is undergoing a serious facelift. While the changes are cosmetic, and only are seen on the outside as vague updates – the changes that are occurring in terms of a product lineup that supports the company is becoming more evolved.

Microsoft Phone Hardware FY15 Q2

Microsoft’s cloud business, surface lineup, and Lumia lineup all played key role in saving what was the last quarter – and even the last year – as the Lumia purchase from Nokia played a big role in generating some excitement for a company that struggled with mainstays, like Xbox. However, for as bad as things may seem for the company, the hardware sales between the Lumia lineup, as well as the Surface lineup – spiked in such a way that it’s impossible to ignore.

Microsoft Computing and Gaming Hardware FY15 Q2

That Lumia purchase from Nokia proved to be a valuable asset as it’s now worth roughly $2 billion in quarterly sales, the company noted. While overall profit was down 8 cents per share from last year, the overall success of Surface is another area worth celebrating. In the last quarter, the company noted that Surface brought $1 billion in for the company, to lock itself as a staple in the mobile computing arena. That was a milestone, and a record for the company, as well.

In all, the message is mixed for Microsoft. While, the company’s investors might not be as confident in the company, as the company is in itself, there is good reason to hold out hope for a company like Microsoft that is now finding its footing in an entirely new space – compared to where it has lived to this point. Between these three businesses within the Microsoft Empire, it will be interesting to see how successful the company is moving forward.

Source: Microsoft