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Twitter becomes Open-cum-Private chat service with Video Sharing, Group DMs


Twitter is updating their social network to keep users within their network for a longer period. That’s the goal of the most recent updates, and it’s evident that those updates are being taken very seriously, as the company announced their arrival. The two features that have first gone live for Twitter users is the addition of group Direct Messaging. Direct Message has been a mainstay on the Twitter feature list, however, expanding the function of that feature is something that the team has been working on for some time now. Originally, the updates were announced last year – and were expected to mostly go live in the end portion of 2014.

However, some of the other updates – like changes to security and reporting features took precedent and ultimately were made functional before these were. That being said though, the update will allow users to have a group message involving 20 users and gives them the ability to embed tweets, as well as use emoji’s which have become increasingly popular – especially in the mobile landscape. Even more interesting though, individuals can be pulled into conversations at any given time. This means that users can be pulled, in and out of conversations with little effort from any individual.

The second update that is being brought to Twitter is something that is a little more exciting. Currently, Twitter relies heavily on Vine to share videos, especially those shorter videos – but now Twitter has come up with their own – native video solution. It will offer editing, and sharing services, but will cap at 30 seconds. This is something that is interesting for individuals, but more importantly for advertisers as they’re looking for new ways to make the social network profitable.

Twitter Video Sharing and Editing

It will be interesting to see how these tools perform, and how well Twitter can incorporate these features into an advertising platform that can perform well over a long period. It also limits the chances of users leaving Twitter. Again, the importance of these features isn’t to make Twitter more functional, but to keep users within Twitters grasps as they navigate through the social network.

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