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CEO of OSOM, Jason Keats revealed a whole lot of information regarding the much-awaited phone Solana Saga. The phone which was announced in the summer is developed in collaboration with Solana. Since the phone was announced to partner with Solana, it’s been all over the news. There was not a lot of information disclosed during the announcement but recently Keats threw light on the specifications of the phone during a Q&A session. 
The phone was teased in December last year, but it has been changed from its original plan. For instance, the phone was likely to follow OSMO OV1 but now it would bring somewhat different specifications to the table. 
The conversation majorly revolved around its relation with crypto, given the name Solana Saga. While resolving this significant issue, Keats assured the phone will have no connection with any crypto, not even Solana. There will be no obligation to pay in Solana in order to buy Solana Saga. He also clarified there will be no impact on the phone after any crash in the crypto market. 
Meanwhile, the major specs would count the processor where the phone is said to have a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SOC mid-development processor. This came in wake of OSOM’s partnership with semiconductor manufacturing giant Qualcomm. 
On the camera front, it was already clarified it is not to be expected to the level of Google Pixel or phones belonging to a similar class. However, better picture quality than the competition is assured by the brand. 
Keats also talked about the update part where the phone would receive four years of a software updates. It will be based on Android Vanilla, one of the most sophisticated versions of software developed by Google. 
While talking about the network, it was told that the phone might be missing several 5G bands. However, it will have support for T-mobile and be compatible with the satellite network with SpaceX itself. 
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