Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 and iPhone users, especially those older versions can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The biggest bug fix that was brought through this update was the reduction of the total memory and storage space required for updates, including this software update. As usual, Apple noted that the update would increase stability on the device and would include some performance improvements that would make day-to-day operation a little better. The update though didn’t include any cosmetic changes or changes in raw function. Overall, this was an update that was largely rolled out by Apple to tie up some of the loose ends from iOS 8.1.2 – that left some users of iPhone still wishing the company would deliver a solid update.

It doesn’t just impact iPhone’s though, as a couple of the updates were relevant to iPads. Specifically, the issue where some iPad’s were lacking the ability to utilize the multitasking gestures. While those gestures didn’t work, it was making some iOS users wonder if the iPad’s in question even had the capability. However, this update reflects that the issue was simply a software issue, and nothing more.

For those looking to update their devices, simply go to the general settings of the device – and click on the ‘check for update’ tab. Once there, you will be prompted if your phone is capable of receiving the update. That being said, the size of this update is significantly smaller, so even those with older devices shouldn’t have a problem updating over the air. The update doesn’t take long to download or install, as it’s mostly a back-end update. Typically, downloads take anywhere between 1-3 minutes, and install times are under a minute as well.

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This though isn’t an update that anyone should be skipping. If you’re already running iOS 8 – this update will simply make your experience on iOS better from an operational standpoint. Particularly, for those running those older devices, it can’t be stressed enough that this update should help alleviate some of the continued problems those users have expressed and experienced so far with iOS 8.