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YouTube adopts HTML5 at first level ditching Adobe Flash Player


YouTube has been invested in HTML5 for a long time. It should be noted that the company went with HTML5, and adopted it as its standard back in 2010 – but for various reasons the company wouldn’t go with all in with the method for a format of their videos. Now though, YouTube has noted that they will officially be utilizing HTML5 – that originally got its acceptance for working on devices, like the iPhone – during the early days of mobile computing.

Adobe Flash’s limited and non-existent performance on operating systems like iOS – made HTML5 the obvious format of the future – but it took until now to fully-unlock that format as the go-to format for YouTube. However, there were some technical reasons for the reluctance on adopting HTML5.

HTML5 didn’t support Adaptive Bitrate, which goes a long way to reducing the amount of buffering time, as well as VP9 codec support – that is a standard for Google. It improves the quality, as well as forces videos to load and start significantly faster than they otherwise would. YouTube announced though that those gaps are gone, or at least have been significantly reduced – which means HTML5 is taking over as YouTube’s default video standard.

Adobe Flash has been struggling for some time now, and with the move to HTML5 by YouTube, it might just be one of the final blows for Flash as a platform. It’s unclear what Adobe’s plan is or what the company might do as the platform for videos is clearly falling out of function relatively quickly. For YouTube, this means improved function and greater stability on the platform as well. Video performance will be able to improve at a more aggressive rate, and it will give users the ability to view videos on devices that are less-aggressive in the specification category, as well. That means smartphones, tablets, and other smaller devices will function and bring video at a faster rate, and deliver it with greater detail. It’ll also gives YouTube a good opportunity really to explore the 4K content push that is making its way across the Internet.

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