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Amazon takes on Microsoft Exchange, Gmail for Work with its Enterprise Email Service


Amazon has created a bizarre parallel between the books that it was once-exclusively delivered to individuals doorsteps, to the content that it will now be delivering. The company has been expanding its reach, crossing all forms of media, and now – the company will be entering the email service space. The company is going to be calling that service WorkMail, and should deliver some added competition with Microsoft and Google – who currently own the enterprise email space.

This is further proof that the company has realized the fact that computing in the work environment is absolutely crucial to continuing to dominate the tech landscape as a whole. It’s been working with companies like Netflix, to drive their utility a little more effectively, and now, this will serve as the first time that the company really exposes itself as a product that users can grab and use.

Adam Selipsky, of Amazon Web Services, pointed out, “Customers are not happy with their current email solution. A lot of customers feel those solutions are expensive and complex.” Analysts believe that this could be an incredibly lucrative move for the company who already sees significant profits come in each year. Interestingly though, the WorkMail platform will actually allow users to continue using Microsoft Outlook, or other email programs that are popular and regularly used.

Amazon will then do some work behind the scenes to improve the overall delivery and function of email at that point. The security that will be involved will also be something that plays drastically in Amazon’s favor. The company is already well-known and established for their ability to run information through their networks and ensure that it is properly encrypted and will not allow those who shouldn’t see the information going into it. Now, the company has a unique opportunity to apply that to a completely different application and watch the results play out in real time.


Success of this platform could completely change the way people receive email and interact with email – especially in the workplace. While it probably will not take down Google in the personal sector – it could very easily do some damage to Microsoft who is already struggling and moving to gain back enterprise users that the company lost over the years.

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