Microsoft has officially released their Outlook app for iOS and Android today, and in doing so, have provided some serious competition to the traditional email option on iOS devices. While over both platforms the mail app runs smoothly, and has a very comparable interface to what many users are used to with Microsoft Office-related products – this comes after the company recently acquired Acompli Email. This app, in many senses, is simply Acompli Email – rebranded to reflect the Microsoft name.

Microsoft noted that they would be improving the Outlook app from where it stands right now, saying in a blog post “We will be iterating quickly to bring new features to Outlook, shipping new versions of the app every few weeks. We’ll add user-focused features… and we’ll also expand the capabilities that matter to IT, such as mobile device management.”

Microsoft buys Acompli Email

This app though is a significant improvement over what users had previously had as far as options for third-party email services on iOS devices. While Android did offer a few significantly powerful choices, this still comes as a major improvement. This app also functions as being user’s one-stop-shop for Office-related activities, giving users access to their calendar, multiple email accounts, OneDrive, and Drop Box, too.

There isn’t a lot of limitation with this app, either. It supports a multitude of accounts, and really doesn’t not include any of the traditional ones that might have been previously left out of other email apps that simply didn’t make the cut. The other major difference between this release and what Microsoft had offered before is the fact that this is not like Microsoft OWA at all. While OWA is available right now, users of that app should note that it will be short lived, as the company is getting ready to make Outlook its exclusive option.

This app is more effective at virtually every level and the fact that Microsoft has put this out there for their users to take advantage of shows how willing the company is to synchronize their offerings, and put in work toward the big operating systems like iOS and Android – while they continue to work on and improve their own. Further integration and additional features will only make this app more powerful, and an even bigger player in the email field.