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This charming underdog story is a must-watch for anime fans!
Ranking of Kings (Ousama Ranking) takes place in a medieval world where kings are ranked against each other on various factors, such as the prosperity of their kingdom, their heroic nature and so forth.
The story follows young prince Bojji who, unfortunately, is not blessed with a king’s characteristics. Unable to hear or speak, he is often ridiculed but that won’t stop him from being the best king he can be!
This coming-of-age story is adapted from the ongoing web manga by Sousuke Tooka, which has so far been collated into 12 tankōbon volumes.
Discover where to watch Ranking of Kings, subbed or dubbed, below!
Ranking of Kings is not currently available on Netflix. So far, there have been no reports that Ranking of Kings will be coming to Netflix in the future.
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Yes! Ranking of Kings is currently available on Crunchyroll.
Ranking of Kings is part of Crunchyroll’s Winter 2022 simulcast, meaning the latest episodes are made available worldwide just after they’re aired in Japan.
Yes! Ranking of Kings is available on Funimation in most worldwide regions.
Similar to Crunchyroll, Ranking of Kings is part of Funimation’s simulcast schedule for this season, meaning new episodes are released shortly after they’re aired in Japan.
Ranking of Kings is currently unavailable on Hulu. There are no reports of Ousama Ranking coming to Hulu, either.
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If you prefer your anime dubbed, Ranking of Kings can be watched dubbed in English on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both streamlining platforms have the same English-speaking versions of the show, with identical casts and direction. So which platform you choose is purely up to personal preference.
The dubbed versions are a few weeks behind the original subtitled episodes.
Ranking of Kings is one of the most popular shows out there right now, and we have options regarding where to watch! Whether you prefer Crunchyroll or Funimation, we’re sure you’ll love this heartwarming anime!


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