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Intel Core vPro chips reduce wires and improve battery life for enterprises


Intel has officially launched their Core vPro processors for enterprises in an effort to revolutionize completely how processors work, as well as set the standard for business level core processors. The Core vPro processors will be bringing two technologies and features that are particularly valuable for businesses. Ultimately, Intel is pushing toward making their processors wireless completely, and improving the functionality in key areas, like performance and battery life.

Tom Garrison, vice president and general manager of Intel’s business client platforms said in a statement that Intel’s “goal is to enable all users to simply work better by offsetting the growing challenges of today’s businesses.” He went on to note that “with new devices based on 5th generation Intel Core vPro processors, we aim to transform the user experience by helping them compute from virtually anywhere without the clutter and burden of wires.”

The two major talking points for Intel, as it relates to the technology that is getting put inside of these processors is Intel’s Pro Wireless Display, or Pro WiDi – as well as Intel’s Wireless Docking. While the two things will require some extra hardware that sits on the outside – it will eliminate wires – and that is something that Intel is serious about doing now that they have begun their push toward a completely wireless computing experience.

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Much of this technology hangs on being able to work together. While many in the industry have noted that it’s too early to crown Intel the outright winner in this category – it does prove that Intel has won in terms of getting synchronization onboard by making it a priority. There will be nearly a dozen laptops coming out in just the coming weeks which will take advantage of this impressive technology that Intel has set forth.

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For Intel, the release of the Wireless Dock, and the technology that the company calls WiGig – all sets the tone for what the company is trying to accomplish heading forward. They believe that the technology at play here is something that will take the company as well as computing far into the future. That being said though, in the near-future, the improvements in performance and battery life – will be ultra-valuable to today’s consumers who are ultra-savvy when it comes to finding the devices with the best performance and best battery life.

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