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Apple looking for a ‘flexible display’ engineer, is it for the iWatch?


Apple seems to be one of the companies that is interested in the new ‘flexible display’ screen technology that everyone has been talking about so much now a days. The company is not only interested in this new technology but was also looking out for a person who could help the company deal with flexible displays by becoming an Apple employee.

At the start of this month, Apple posted a requirement for a hardware engineer with experience in flexible displays. Well, if I have got you interested, then let me first tell you that the post is not available anymore and also, it is not the job offer that we are excited about. The fact that Apple was looking for an engineer who has worked on flexible displays indicate that the company is also interested in working with flexible display technology which could soon become a part of all future Apple devices.

Apple Job Listing

If you were interested in applying for the post, then it’s too late now because the listing has already been taken down. This means that Apple has either found the right kind of person or the company might have taken down the requirement for some other reason.

Coming down to the details, the job listing was originally posted on April 1, definitely a bad date for something so important. The ‘Jobs at Apple’ section of the company’s web page said that it wanted a “Senior Optical Engineer” who has experience with emerging technologies, including flexible displays.

As mentioned earlier, Apple might have plans to use flexible displays in its current range of smart devices and at the same time could be planning to include the new technology in the so called iWatch that has been in rumors since a long time.

Apple has already given out all the hints that we could want, we know that something new and cool will soon be offered by Apple.

Reports in the past have almost confirmed that Apple is working on the Apple iWatch, a wearable device with a flexible display. And now the company has also started recruiting people who are related to the technology that will be required for a smart device like the iWatch.

We hope Apple finds the right people and bring to us some really cool devices in the near future.

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