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Microsoft keen to invest about $70 million in Cyanogen to get into Android


Microsoft wants to get into Android. Microsoft is said to be in conversation with the rogue Android startup Cyanogen in an effort to weaken Google’s hold over the operating system. Currently, many within the tech space and the mobile community are either unhappy or at the very least, uneasy with the way Google treats its “Open Source” operating system. In fact, many have even argued that calling Android open source is a misnomer to the definition of open source. Google has included a bevy of requirements in order for any developer to actually use the operating system, making it more restrictive than a truly “open source,” concept.

However, Microsoft is said to be involved in a $70 million round of investment that involves a growing number of individuals who believe that Cyanogen would be a significant player in the Android space in the coming years. Right now, it is said to be worth north of $500 million, and with more partners like Microsoft – who actually has their own mobile platform, it’s worth noting that the move to strike down Google with their power and authority over Android is growing in popularity.

While neither company would comment on the idea that an investment would be coming from Microsoft, it’s worth noting that its own Windows for phones carries just a 3% market share in the grand scheme of mobile operating systems. Kirt McMaster, Cyanogen’s Chief Executive had a strong statement regarding their move to continue developing an Android system free of the restrictions that Google places on their version of the operating system noting, “We’re going to take Android away from Google.” The company claims to boast 50 million users or more, who have installed their version of Android, oftentimes, as an alternative to the original version of Android, which is offered up by Google.

This just proves what the future of Android might look like, and how the name Android might finally be getting back to its roots, if companies like Cyanogen are actually able to push control of Android away from Google. If more manufacturers get on board with the Cyanogen, it could really challenge what Google has done with Android to this point.

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