Facebook is now offering location-based tips on their iOS app in an effort to begin rivaling apps like Yelp and Foursquare to generate greater use within the network. It will be called “Place Tips,” and at least initially, the feature will only be available on iOS devices. That being said, the Place Tips will be shown at the top of users News Feed, and will show you specifics about the neighborhood, or community that you’re in. Facebook though doesn’t want these tips to clog up anyone’s News Feed, so the social networking giant has decided to place added emphasis on making the tips feel less intrusive than some other attempts at similar technology.

Interestingly, Place Tips will feature a lot of information – but the box at which most of the information is displayed in the News Feed will feature only the most-important information, and then afterward will feature additional information as the individual clicks on the link to the page. Photos that are uploaded by users will be included in the box, as well as what other users – who are friends – have been saying about that particular place or establishment.

Facebook Place Tips Settings

For those who are looking to disable the tips feature simply go to the settings within the app, tap Location, and then Place Tips Settings, and tap on the option that turns location based selections off. Once this happens, the updates will no longer appear in the News Feed. The rivalry that is forming though shouldn’t worry Foursquare too much, just yet. In fact, there is good reason to support that Foursquare has some years before it does have to start worrying. Ultimately, Facebook’s product here is reliant on users actually using the feature and the feature going over well with the general public. While it is a great idea on paper, not all of Facebook’s ideas have been met with the same enthusiasm that the company has when it comes to their own launches and products. Facebook will use GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth features within the phone to actually track where users are going, and where they’re eating. For those individuals who leave the settings on, they will be sharing data with other Facebook friends on places to go.