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Official covers for the Google Nexus 10 tablet are now available


The official covers for the Google Nexus 10 tablets are now available for purchase on the Google Play Store. Consumers who have been waiting for this product can finally buy one for a price of $29.99.

The covers for the Google Nexus 10 tablet are finally available and in stock. Google is offering these covers for a price of $29.99, and the company also claims to deliver the product within 3 to 5 business days.

This news does come to us as a surprise as well. There was no prior update or information of any kind from Google regarding the availability of covers for the Google Nexus 10. The product is available on the Play Store all of a sudden and the company seems to have finally started offering what consumers have been waiting for.

The Google Nexus 10 finally has an official cover that can take full advantage of the features of the device. The cover will put the screen to sleep when you close the cover and awaken it when you open the cover. Another added advantage is that the cover fits in place of the standard back cover of the device, hence reducing the amount of extra weight that you will have to carry.

This new cover is available for a price of $29.99, and there are two color options – ‘Dark Grey’ and ‘Scarlet.’ It is good to see that Google has provided us with two color options, but we still feel that some more colors will definitely add to the flavor.

If you have been waiting for this product, then now is the best time to get it. There is no saying when the covers will be ‘Out of Stock’ and you might then have to wait for months on end, or may be the cover might not be available for a long time after this stock is over.



I am not trying to promote this product, if you know how accessories are offered and sold on the Google Play Store, then you will believe me when I say that Nexus 10 covers could go ‘Out of Stock’ within a couple of days as well.

So if you happen to be a proud owner of the Nexus 10 (without a cover), then now is the time to get your very own cover from the Play Store.

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