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The Best Apple Watch Deals Available Now, Including $220 Off The Series 7 – Forbes

Apple Watches are pretty much as good as it gets for folks seeking a top-of-the-line smartwatch—especially for those that are already a part of the Apple ecosystem. The popular devices deliver a sleek aesthetic, streamlined interface and effortlessly sync with your existing Apple gear. And while noteworthy discounts from the tech giant are few and far between, this week we’ve found four Apple Watch deals that are worth your time, like the feature-packed and cellular-capable Series 7 for $220 off.
Right now, you can shop some of the best Apple Watch deals we’ve seen in weeks.
Whether you want an Apple Watch with all the latest features (including cellular) or you’re on the hunt for the most affordable model possible, the current selection of discounts won’t disappoint. Below, find the best deals available on Apple’s coveted smartwatches right now (plus a few discounts on models from other top brands).
If you want the most functionality from your smart watch, check out the Series 7 with GPS and cellular. It’ll allow you to send messages, take calls, listen to podcasts and more—all without your iPhone nearby. This deal also includes a sleek, stainless steel case. This model has fallen as low as $519 in the past—but this deal is only $10 shy of that low.
The Apple Watch SE is an affordable and streamlined alternative to the feature-packed Series 7. It’s easy to use and still pairs effortlessly with the rest of your Apple gear, but it’s much more budget-friendly. The SE was recently on sale for $219, but this deal is still a decent savings if you want a new smartwatch ASAP.
The Series 7 is the best of the best when it comes to Apple Watches. This model is the same as the cellular-capable Series 7 above, but smaller. This watch has bounced around this price for a few weeks, but it’s the lowest it has fallen on Amazon for the 41mm size.
This Apple Watch may be older, but it’s still a great option if you’re looking for something more basic. It offers fitness tracking, messaging and other essential functions for just under $150. In other words, this is your chance to snag one of the popular devices without spending upwards of $200. On average you can find this model on sale for around $170, so this is a nice opportunity save a little extra.
This Galaxy Watch is our favorite smartwatch for Android users. It’s fully featured, including health and fitness monitoring, sleep and continuous blood oxygen tracking and ECG monitoring. It also has an impressive 40-hour battery life. However, it’s worth noting that some features only work with Samsung smartphones.
This classy smartwatch is a minimalist’s dream. It’s streamlined and attractive, but still offers basic smartwatch features when paired with a compatible Android device. The Skagen Gen 6 rarely goes on sale and at $199, this is the lowest it’s ever been discounted.
If you want a basic watch that prioritizes health and fitness tracking, we like the Fitbit Sense. It covers all the basics and includes a GPS as well as a substantial six-day battery life. The Sense has declined in its average price this year, but it has only fallen below $200 a few times, making this deal worth taking advantage of.
The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great option for folks seeking a streamlined fitness tracker. It has a simple, slim profile and covers the basics like sleep tracking and activity monitoring. Although it’s not as feature-rich as an Apple Watch, it’s extremely functional for its price and has a 10-day battery life.
If your child is interested in a Fitbit, the Ace 3 is the perfect starter model. It has an eight-day battery, a cute animated clock face and basic activity and sleep tracking. The Ace 3 has slowly declined in price over the past year, but this deal is still one of the better prices we’ve seen for this model since April.
This deal is only a modest discount, but it’s a great chance to snag a simple smartwatch for your kid on sale. Although the Spacetalk has limited smartwatch functions overall, it can video, text and voice call with pre-approved contacts. It’s also waterproof and works as a simple activity tracker.


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