China is tightening its grip on the Internet. Specifically, the country is renewing their efforts to ensure services provided by Google and Facebook – are immovable forces, to the point where most individuals are completely unable to find workarounds. It may seem like something out of North Korea with the amount of media attention that has existed around the Sony Hack and North Korea’s involvement, but the truth is that China has taken steps to become as restrictive as any country in the entire world.

China has had a firewall in place that has been known as the Great Firewall – a play on words from the Great Wall of China – that has existed for years, and restricted some services like Google and Facebook. The two popular websites here in the United States though, are still somewhat accessible if individuals find workaround methods to get around the Great Firewall. That being said, China has confirmed that they are cracking down on VPN’s this week, and modified their firewall once again.

Image Courtesy: Bidness ETC
Image Courtesy: Bidness ETC

The upgrade is something that has come as some individuals have figured out how to circumvent these virtual private networks. Many have referred to this as a move that is of the caliber that would be expected from North Korea. However, the move at the same time is one that is somewhat expected from China as well – as they have always had a significant role in modifying and creating a universal web experience throughout the country. Whether individuals want it or not.

That isn’t the only thing that China is working to do, either. Similarly, China has made it clear that they want to take a shot at the businesses, particularly those United States businesses who are doing business in China. They want those companies to submit to thorough examinations and checks, which will allow China almost complete access to their internal workings. This is something that has made United States businesses especially worried as hackers in North Korea are said to have used servers that actually moved through China. The United States has had a tense relationship with China as it is on these issues over the fact that the country has also been behind a few security breaches that occurred here in the United States.


  1. Feel sorry for the people of China, What can they do right! The Elite rich will rob them Blind. I hear there is empty cities in China. Your as free as we tell you. China would have never become communist if it wasn’t for Japan. Communism was created to steal from the avenger person while the rich steals from the people.


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