Google wants to keep their users sucked inside their network. To ensure this happens, the company is taking greater steps with app updates that will allow users to stay within the Google Now app. Today, the company has introduced new and value-added cards that will improve the information that is collected on those cards, as well as improve the amount of data that the app is able to pull into its network. Previously, things like a short-term weather forecast, brief nuggets of news, and even a quick estimation of the time it’ll take you to arrive at your destination were common cards to be featured within the app.

Now though, the company has introduced at least 30 third-party apps to having data merged into the Google Now cards. Google Now cards for third-party applications is something that has been talked about, but rarely considered because Google does want to keep its users within its system for as long as absolutely possible. That being said the function is relatively simple. It starts with Google Now being updated, and the information being collected from other apps within the user’s phone. They will pull information like hotel information, real estate listings, and well – the goal at least – anything that would be relevant or searched quickly.

This really makes Google Now a utility app more than anything else, since it will be providing a lot of data in terms of “what’s available,” and “where you left off” with other applications. Whether they are listings that you saved or a note that you made on another app, the potential for this update to really create a data squeeze onto the Google network is clearly evident. The company has noted that this update to Google Now will launch first on Android, and then slowly migrate its way to iOS.

Some of the apps that will be working with Google Now include eBay, Kayak, Lyft, the Economist, the Guardian, and even Shazam. While all of these apps have different functions, Google will not be charging any of the third-party apps for referral traffic – but one could assume that with the diverse function that the third-party apps offer – Google will have monetizing this portion of the business sooner, than later.