Vine is getting a younger sibling. The Twitter-owned video sharing company is in the process of introducing a child-friendly version of the video sharing app that will feature 6-second long videos, which will be ideal for the younger audiences, and those not yet ready for the original Vine. Twitter has had a great deal of success with the video sharing app, known for its ability to create viral content in ultra-short videos that last no longer than 6-seconds.

Vine’s head of communications and marketing said Vine Kids is “a simple new app that gives young children a fun way to watch Vines.” Throughout the history of the app, since it launched in 2012, it has seen steady growth and an increase in popularity, as more content from the social video sharing site has gone viral. Ultimately, viral content is what Vine is known for, and that is what the app will continue to aim for with their children’s app, as well. Right now, the company estimates that roughly 40 million individuals are active on the site and regularly use the platform for sharing videos.

One major issue for the site though is controlling the age of the audience and the content that is on the site. Much like YouTube, there are obvious filters that are needed to be utilized, and the platform also requires a certain level of policing. That’s a big reason why Vine Kids is thought to be such a big player in the space. Social networks have become more in-tune with what the younger audience is doing on their sites, and they’ve become increasingly aware of the audience that is the younger-generation. Instagram is considered the social network for those not yet ready for Facebook – meaning those users who are younger – or in their early teens. Whereas Facebook is thought to be more adult. That being said, Vine is looking to cash into a similar market by introducing a product that will appeal to the young generation of smartphone users, and introduce a product that will help parents not be as concerned about the content their kids are seeing or creating. Right now, Vine Kids is only available on iOS, but it’s likely coming to Android in the near future.