The Apple iPad 5 is one of the most anticipated tablet devices from the company that will be unveiled very soon. There have already been a lot of reports which indicate that Apple is ready with the Apple iPad 5 and could unveil the tablet any time now.

Now we have yet another report which gives away images of the yet to be announced Apple iPad 5. These images were posted by the French blog and clearly showed the fifth generation Apple iPad 5. The images confirm that the Apple iPad 5 will have a design that will be very similar to the Apple iPad Mini. The new tablet will have much lesser bezel, and according to earlier reports, it might also be able to accommodate everything inside a body that will be comparatively lighter and slimmer than the current generation of iPads.

The images show us the new iPad 5 front panel in White color. On carefully inspecting the image, we can see a considerable amount of changes that have been made compared to the fourth generation iPad. The panel has thinner bezels and shallow rounded corners, we can also see the placement of the ambient light sensor and the front camera.


Similar to the New iPad, the next generation iPad (5th) will also have a 9.7-inch display, but is expect to be much slimmer, lighter and smaller than the New iPad. And if you are worried about accidentally touching the sides of the iPad since it will have a much thinner bezel, then no need to worry because Apple has taken care of this as well. There have been improvements in iOS which can differentiate between actual touch events and touches that are made by mistake (at a considerable level)..

Even though these images might have got you excited about the next-gen iPad, there is a possibility that these images are not the real deal. The images could have been made in order to get attention and to create a hype about the iPad 5. We suggest you to hold your horses till there is an official announcement from Apple or till the time we get a good proof about what we are looking at here.