It is not the first that we are hearing about the Nokia tablet, the Finnish mobile manufacturer has been trying to enter the tablet market for a long time. According to the information found in the patent office of the United States, the first look of Nokia tablet has been revealed.

The filed patent application “Apparatus Cover with keyboard” describes the mechanical keyboard/cover integrated into a tablet device that can take various positions according to the user needs. Something different from the other competitors which came before Windows 8 market.

Most importantly, the patent was filed back in October 2011 which means Nokia has planned the Nokia tablet well before Microsoft Surface. Presumably, Nokia may be resuming its work on its own tablet.

Interestingly, the patent does not specify that it is designed for any particular operating system but as many know, the family of the Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8 are the best sellers of the entire mobile ecosystem of Microsoft. If the company continues with its fundamental principles, things should not go differently.


Contrary to what many think, the Nokia tablet would not be the first devices that has made the brand with a Microsoft operating system. Previously, just before the release of the Windows 7, Nokia surprised people during its annual event featuring quintessential Nokia Booklet 3, a netbook with the most basic version of the operating system what was not too much successful due to the Ultrabooks boom that took the first Ultrabook at that time.