Google and Uber are likely going to end up fighting for customers – even after Google spent a decent amount of money a little more than a year ago investing in the rideshare company. Amid Uber facing increasing costs, from regulators, lawsuits, and much more – Google is looking to explore their very own rideshare company. It was just in August of 2013 when the company decided to dump nearly $258 million into Uber before it really began catching the mainstream eye of consumers. At the time, many thought that it would be a sign that the company might one day be acquired by the search giant.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. In fact, it seems pretty clear now that the two will be competing against each other for the very same customers. Google has been working on a driverless car project for some time now, and as much research and more money gets dumped into that project – it becomes clearer what the company is working toward. Now, add the reports that suggest the company is also developing, and having employees use a ridesharing app that functions nearly the same as Uber – and that creates a feud.

While it’s still several years out, most likely. It would be entirely plausible to suggest that Uber, who is currently working with Carnegie Mellon University to develop its own fleet of vehicles that could one day operate without a driver, would be a direct competitor to Google – if both making that technology happens in the real world. Now, a lot of that is speculation, and a lot of that is also an assumption that the companies would be able to make that technology happen safely, but this year’s auto shows have already proven that the companies in the automotive industry, are definitely getting “driverless” cars.

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Perhaps though the competition would ultimately help Uber more than it would hurt the company. When we’re looking at the scenario where Uber is going head-to-head with Google, the competition might actually make the company pick up some steam – as more attention could be diverted to Uber. Either way though, Google’s approach is simple, or they’re on a clear-cut mission at this point. They’re testing what technology could do in the taxi business, and now that they’re also developing an app that is apparently in some form of testing – they might actually be closer to a finished product than Uber is themselves.