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Micromax Mobile takes #1 Spot away from Samsung in India


Micromax Mobile has become the top supplier of smartphones in India taking a larger market share than the longtime leader in the industry – Samsung. Canalys conducted research on the exact figures that both companies registered in the last quarter of the previous fiscal year, and the findings led the firm to determine that Micromax had captured a 22% market share. In comparison, Samsung had earned just a 20% market share according to the same report. While that is just a 3-month period, Samsung was quick to dispute the legitimacy of the figures.

Samsung argues that the data at which the company used was misinformed, and nearly entirely inaccurate. While Canalys might be arguing on behalf of a domestic company, Samsung believes that they hold a 34% market share in India – thanks to the data that they say is more accurate, and more trusted within the industry. Samsung argues that GfK gives actual sales figures, going on in a statement that in part read, “We disagree with Canalys. We are not sure of the accuracy of the numbers (of Canalys). One is about shipments (Canalys), and the other reflects consumer sales (GfK). There is a reason that the industry syndicates and prefers GfK data.”

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It’s an interesting argument, without a doubt, but those who oppose the smartphone giant say that this is a part of the larger problem in the mobile industry. It wouldn’t be hard for any third-party evaluating this particular scenario to see the flaw in both sides. On one hand, Samsung is arguing for data – and a company that shows them to be the undisputed winner – and by quite a margin. On the other hand, Micromax is utilizing the sales figures that reflect their victory in the Indian market.


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Either way, this is a serious reflection of the tidal change that is taking place in the smartphone and mobile computing industry. Whether they’re smaller operations or manufacturers in China, or smaller operations in a country like India – where smartphone use is growing at a tremendous rate – the game is changing for larger operations like Samsung and even Apple who are both losing market share to these smaller companies. The next several months will be very telling, as to which data is more accurate as 2015 sales roll out.

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