Android 5.1 is on its way, and while it may not be around for any users in the United States, or other major markets in the near future – Indonesia will be getting it later this month. Google announced that they would be releasing the Android One later this month in Indonesia, and what many thought was a typo, wound up being repeated throughout the announcement. The devices will be running Android 5.1 – instead of Android 5.0.1, or Android 5.0.2 – which would be the initial minor upgrades between major updates. The update is somewhat of a surprise, as many thought that it would take longer, or might be excluded entirely from being updated – especially in that particular market – but even more surprising is that even those who are in more developed mobile countries have yet to receive Android 5.0.

Interestingly, the devices are priced to move – or as Google has framed it – priced to engage an emerging market. While nothing is entirely official about the update of Lollipop that is apparently coming sooner, than later – there have been a few interesting rumors popping up around the Internet.

Android One

Android would be adding silent mode, something that was missing on Android 5.0 – as well as a bug fix that would address the sudden closure of apps. It is also suggested that the update will fix some functional issues that the Android 5.0 Lollipop system has been facing. The excessive consumption of Wi-Fi, issues with wireless connections, improved battery life, improved system stability, as well as an improved RAM management, and even some improvements on Ok Google. Some have even argued that there would be an improvement to the notification system that is currently in place on the latest version of Android.

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All of these changes, as well as a couple cosmetic adjustments – like a tweaking of the color palette on the Material Design will make for an improved system from top to bottom. Now, users will just have to wait and see how long it will take for this update to make it to a larger volume of devices – outside of Indonesia.