Microsoft has officially released the Office apps i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and are specifically honed in with touch devices. While there probably aren’t too many people out there who are running Windows 10 yet, the company does have Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926, which is available through Windows Insider Program. That being said, those are the users who are getting to experience the brand new, and recently revamped Office suite of products. The company received a lot of feedback regarding the fact that Microsoft had knowingly updated their iOS and Android apps before considering an update for Windows – that many thoughts were an indication of the company moving in the wrong direction.

The release is actually pretty impressive. It feels a lot more unified and will remind users a lot of the iOS or Android editions of Office apps, and it really incorporates some of the basic touch features that most people have come to expect out of their mobile devices, which now essentially include most PCs. Microsoft noted in a blog post regarding the apps that they would release a preview of the updated Office app to mobile users, in the coming weeks, but until then nothing would be available to them in terms of an update. Outlook and Calendar are expected to be the next apps that Microsoft works on bringing to users and previewing for the next operating system that Microsoft hopes to cash in on, and bring back some of their primary enterprise users.

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Additionally, Microsoft has also released a patch to the build 9926 with a number of bug fixes for the OS, but overwhelmingly the reviews have been positive of Windows 10 – which is set to launch in the near future. For anyone who is looking to upgrade though, those users are urged to check out the official Windows Insider page that will give anyone interested a good explanation of what is necessary, and how to get Windows 10 Technical Preview – and begin using those brand new Office apps which few people have heard of yet.


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