Three days ago, there emerged a rumor according to which Microsoft could update the specifications for the Windows Phone 8, adding support for quad-core processors and full HD resolution, thus opening the doors to the phablet devices. Now according to the ZDNet, the update GDR3 (General Distribution Release 3) will also include a modification to the user interface of the operating system and you will have five columns of the Live tiles on the Start Screen.

With Windows Phone 8, the old Start Screen of Windows Phone 7 with fixed-width tile has been replaced by more customizable screen. The user can choose from three different sizes for the tiles: small (1/4 of the display), medium (1/2) and whole.

With the update expected later this year, Microsoft would add a new dimension to the tiles, thus obtaining an interface with 5 columns. This would be solution designed to fill the screen with the 5 or 6-inch smartphone with 1080p resolution.

Along with the higher resolution, GDR3 also could include changes in the start screen and core Windows Phone 8 apps, such as possibly adding a third column of mid-size-tiled apps in the start screen.

According to the information gathered by ZDNet, the next version of Windows Phone 8 will also include an update to the pre-installed apps on the devices. The GDR3 will be the last update before the announcement of the Windows Phone Blue, which would be expected to arrive after the launch of the successor of Windows 8, known as Windows 8.1.

However, the desktop operating system will undergo inverse changes. In this case, the interface will be modified to improve the user experience with a smaller screen size (7 or 8 inches), used mainly in vertical.


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