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A ZIP folder can get corrupted due to several issues related to software and hardware. Whether the issue is major or minor, the ZIP folder will be considered corrupted for having header issues. It is easy to repair corrupted ZIP file in Windows 11 & 10 if you know the process. Learn how to repair a corrupted ZIP archive in Windows 10 & 11.
If you have downloaded a ZIP folder only to realize that the file is corrupted, it could have happened during the process of downloading itself. Try to download the same file from a different source if available. Otherwise, download from the same source.
If you have received the file via email, request the sender to set up a new ZIP folder from scratch and resend it again.
Watch this YouTube video:
There are several third-party ZIP repair tools available on the Internet. DiskInternals ZIP Repair is one such software that is available for free. Follow the process given below to extract content from a corrupted ZIP file:
Some users found success in fixing invalid ZIP files using this option. WinZip, which is an extraction tool for Windows, has an additional command-line tool add-on. ZIP files can be fixed by using a Command Prompt command.
However, it is to be noted that it is not a free tool. It is available for $29.95 or its equivalent for sale. You may use the trial version of this software for 21 days. Here is how to fix the damaged ZIP archive with the command-line tool:
Once the WinZip, as well as the Command Line Support tool, are installed follow the given process:
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This is another extraction tool that can be used to repair invalid ZIP folders. WinRAR comes with a built-in Repair option that you can choose to fix the ZIP files. This is not free either but you can use its trial version for 40 days straight. Here is how it can be used:
Many online tools can assist in repairing corrupted ZIP folders and RentASoft’s ZIP Repair is one of the best. You get get a corrupted file fixed for $3.50 if none of the previous options seem to work for you. Here is how to use the tool.
Now that you know how to repair a corrupted ZIP archive in Windows 10 & 11, you need not worry every time your Windows PC alert you with an error message in the line of ‘can’t open the folder’, ‘file inaccessible’, ‘can’t access the files’, ‘the archive is invalid or corrupted’, etc. If you still cannot figure out how to repair corrupted ZIP file in Windows 11 & 10, write to us in the comment section below.

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