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30 Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Beauty Deals and Skincare Discounts – Cosmopolitan

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It’s finally here—run, do not walk!
IDK about you, but getting beauty products, tools, and skincare on sale just makes my heart ~sing~. So now that it’s officially Amazon Prime Day, aka one of my favorite shopping times of the year, this is my SuperBowl. As a reminder, Amazon’s two-day shopping extravaganza happens only once a year, and the beauty deals for 2022 are absolutely amazing. Like, when it comes to Prime Day, you can get 20, 30, sometimes even 40 percent off hair dryers, makeup remover, dry shampoo, travel makeup bags—you name it. And for someone like me, whose job it is to be obsessed with beauty, these sales and discounts are everything.
Because I’m a Prime Day fiend, I’ve gathered all the ~very important~ information on Amazon Prime Day 2022, like when Prime Day is this year, what the best beauty deals and sales are, and what beauty products will be discounted on Prime Day (yes, I do have a Prime Day savings fund).
It’s official: Amazon Prime Day 2022 is here and will run through July 13 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, meaning today is the last day to shop all the sales. Since items sell out fast (seriously), don’t wait around if you know there are products you want, or they’ll likely already be out of stock. The good news? There will be new sales dropping constantly throughout the day, so feel free to keep checking here, as I’ll be on Prime Day duty reporting all the best sales below.
Just remember that you have to be a Prime member to shop all the deals, so sign up for an Amazon Prime membership beforehand to shop now (don’t worry—Amazon offers free 30-day trials and a free six-month trial for students if you have ~commitment issues~).
Plus, Amazon won’t be the only one getting in on the deals, as competitors like Sephora and Ulta will likely run their own beauty sales July 13, so you’ll have the chance to stock up on tons of beauty products at major discounts all at once. Is this what nirvana feels like?
This year’s Amazon Prime Day 2022 beauty deals are finally (!!) here, so you9 can shop all of our picks below and get major discounts on makeup, hair tools, skincare, makeup brushes, and so much more. Ready to start shopping? Follow me to the land of cheap beauty products, rainbows, and pure bliss:

Sry, not sry, but these are the best pimple patches to wear overnight because they, straight-up, do not budge. When I have a whitehead that gets the better of me and I try to pick at it, I immediately stick one of these on to ward off bacteria or excess oil from making it even more inflamed. So, when I saw this jumbo pack with 72 patches for 20 percent off, I obviously had to add to cart.
An electric toothbrush (complete with a stand, travel case, charging cord, and extra brush head) for 35 percent off? Prime Day, you shouldn’t have! An electric toothbrush can help you get a much deeper clean than a manual one, getting off all the plaque and food stuck between your teeth. I also love that this one has different modes for deep cleaning, gum care, and whitening.
The only thing standing between you and your best at-home blow-out is… well… figuring out the contraption that is holding a blow-dryer and a round-brush at the same time. Not anymore! A blow-dryer brush is truly a thing of the future, making it so easy to shape bangs, flip your ends in like a ‘90s supermodel, or add volume. Not sure which one to try? I recommend this one that’s 40 percent off for Prime Day rn because it has three heat settings: low for fine/medium hair, high for thick/coarse hair, and cool to lock in your style.
Want bright, even, smooth skin? Start using vitamin C, like this one I’m obsessed with from Beautystat that’s 20 percent off for Prime Day. It contains 20 percent ascorbic acid (already the most stable form of vitamin C), along with squalane and tartaric acid, to fade dark spots and protect your skin from the environmental stressors.
Whether you blow dry your hair every day or just on the rare occasion, you need a high-quality one that won’t make your hair feel fried and will get your hair dried quickly. Might I suggest this Prime Day beauty if you’re in the market? Ionic technology and three heat settings make it a lil less damaging, so your hair still feels soft after you use it. (And if you do buy it, pls add this on-sale heat protectant too.)
Since I started using an at-home laser hair removal device, my skin is softer and smooth, and my hair grows back slower, so I’m telling all of my friends to grab this while it’s 25 percent off. Wondering how it works? The lights heat up and destroy a little bit of your hair follicle every treatment, so after you use the device every time you shave for six weeks, you’ll start to notice less hair growth.Keep in mind, tho: This device is only suitable for those with fair to medium skin tones and those with dark body hair.
The key to getting a glossy shine with this spray that’s 30 percent off rn? After you spritz it over your damp hair, lock in the shine with a hot tool (like this blow-dryer or heated brush, also on sale, obvs). Hair so shiny, you’ll see your reflection.
If your summer 2022 is already ~filled~ with travel (okay, jet-setter), you need this spacious makeup bag that’s already 29 percent off for Amazon Prime Day. Not only will it hold all your makeup products (including a few slots to store your brushes), but it’s also lined with plastic for easy cleaning, and it comes in five cute colors to choose from (I’m partial to sage, but there’s a classic black and gray option too).
The chemical exfoliant every beauty editor swears by is 20 percent off for Prime Day? I advise you order yours before it sells out, js. This 2 percent salicylic acid toner is both exfoliating and gentle, even on very sensitive skin (prob the added green tea leaf extract that soothes while you wipe away dead skin and excess oil).
Um, okay, stop everything you’re doing and order one of these lip masks while they’re 36 percent off before they sell out. Lemme give you a quick rundown: This lip mask practically broke the Internet a few years ago, with claims that it could completely soothe dry, chapped lips overnight, and tbh, it’s worth the hype. And yes, every single flavor is on sale (my fave is the sweet vanilla).
My dentist actually recommended this exact Waterpik because it’s easy to travel with. Of course, just a few months after buying it, it’s now 20 percent off. Sigh. But trust me when I say this device has the power to dislodge and break down gunk and food along your gums and between your teeth, without the bulk of bigger machines or the annoyance of traditional flossing. Since I started using it, my teeth cleanings are a breeze, and my dentist is v happy with me. And you know what they say: happy dentist, happy life. Or something.
Look, I get it if epilating (AKA a million tiny tweezers grabbing all those itsy bitsy baby hairs at-home waxing or shaving can’t get) scares you a bit. It can be painful af if the tool isn’t right. Which is why I’m ordering this one, which has a pressure sensor to make sure you’re not pressing the tool too hard against your skin and causing unnecessary irritation and pain. Plus, it comes with two attachments: a shaver/trimmer and a trimming comb.
Last summer, I went on a two-week vacation and forgot to bring a single makeup brush. Desperate, I bought this brush set off of Amazon, and now they’ve become my favorite go-to brushes (yep, me, a beauty editor, who wears makeup every single day). This 18-brush set has just about everything you need to do face and eye makeup—like brushes for gel eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, contour, cream blush, whatever—whether you’re new to makeup or do a full-glam look on the daily.
I highly considered gatekeeping this 30 percent off sale because I need to make sure I can order one for myself before it sells out, but as a beauty editor for the people, I’ll let you in on it, ofc. This cleansing balm (filled with sweet almond oil, beeswax, and shea butter) gets every bit of makeup off my face, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. TBH: I occasionally skip double-cleansing with this because the glow it leaves on my skin is legit unmatched.
These at-home teeth whitening strips (currently 43 percent off!) are about the closest thing to a professional whitening treatment, thanks to the included LED light that boosts the power of the whitening strips to get dark stains off a bit quicker (liiike, the ones I’ve gotten from sitting here drinking my coffee shopping for Prime Day deals). You’ll stick on one strip for the top and one for the bottom teeth and hold the light against your teeth until it automatically shuts off after two minutes, keeping the strips on for 60 minutes in total.
The digital controls on this T3 curling iron (now 30 percent off!) allow you to create heat settings that perfectly match your hair type. When you set up the iron, it asks about your hair texture (fine, medium, or coarse), if your hair is color- or chemically-treated, and your hair length, adjusting the temperature to your hair. What’s even cooler? (Sry, I’m gushing) You can set up multiple profiles, so if you curl your roommates hair or your mom likes to steal your beauty tools, you’ve got options.
Ah, I just love Prime Day because I can find really cool beauty brands (like this plant-based French skincare brand, Yon-Ka) up to 20 percent off. Of their assortment, I’m really eyeing (hehe) their eye cream, an anti-aging formula with peptides (which helps produce more collagen to plump and ward off fine lines and wrinkles) and, vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe tired, dry under-eyes.
If your wavy or curly hair are feeling a lil poofy and ~blah~ in the hot, humid weather, they’ll love this soft, flexible hold gel. One reviewer writes that in 98-degree Florida weather with 100 percent humidity (I am simply sweating just thinking about it), their waves felt shiny, soft, and defined. BRB, ordering a bottle to get through the rest of summer now that it’s 30 percent off.
I’ve been using this dry shampoo on my extra oily hair for years and can attest that it doesn’t leave a sticky, white residue on just about any hair color (I’ve had black hair, red hair, a blonde balayage, and caramel hair while using this, okay). This jumbo-size bottle tends to last me about six months, but I always stock up during Prime Day when it’s 30 percent off (legit, this deal is 🔥because it makes this big bottle only 70 cents more than the normal size… like wut).
If you want thicker lashes, you’ve gotta try this eyelash serum made with amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E that moisturize and strengthen your lashes. It might not make your lashes grow super long (sorry, but only FDA-approved Latisse can do that), but it can help condition them so they appear a little bit fuller. I’ve been using this serum for over a year, and I get compliments on my lashes daily. At 30 percent off right now for Prime Day, I might just grab the full-size and a travel mini.
I’ve been using this mascara for a decade, and it still slaps. It never makes my lashes flake or smudge throughout the day, and it helps give my straight lashes a slight curl. Plus, when I do my inevitable touch-up for post-work events, my lashes don’t look clumpy and spider-y. Truly, it’s one of the best mascaras, and I like it even more when it’s 13 percent off. 😊
You might recognize this viral concealer from TikTok (it got a casual 30 million views, NBD), and the hype is freakin’ real. It is lightweight and doesn’t settle into fine lines but still has serious coverage when you dab it under the eyes or layer it over acne. My acne scars? Forgot they existed. And if there’s any time to try it, it’s when it’s 30 percent off. Tysm, Prime Day.
Microcurrent facials have been around for the ~elite~ for quite a while to make your face look a lil lifted, but NuFace found a way to get the same results over time at home for a fraction of the price. It stimulates blood flow and muscle contractions, making your face look a bit “toned” over time (like pilates for your skin). This set includes an attachment to get into fine lines and wrinkles and around the eyes too. So now that it’s on sale for 25 percent off for Prime Day, I suggest you run.
This deep conditioner is a ~dream~ for extra dry, thick and coarse, and/or very damaged hair types. It’s packed with proteins to strengthen your hair, along with babassu and sunflower oils to coat your hair and lock in moisture. Use this one as a monthly treatment for healthier, softer hair—and rest assured you got it for 26 percent off during Prime Day.
Yes, I did rank this as one of the best hair straighteners, and it’s 25 percent off rn. The digital heat control panel lights up in three different colors (blue = fine/delicate hair, green = medium texture or wavy hair, red = coarse hair) depending on your hair type, so you’re never using an iron that’s too low or hot.
If you like to store all of your skincare, hair products, and makeup in one bag when you travel, you should grab this hanging toiletry bag from Amazon while it’s 22 percent off for Prime Day. It has spots to hold makeup brushes, has a plastic lining to clean up any product spillage, and tons of compartments with zippers to keep you organized. No travel skin crises here!
I can justify spending $$$ on good hair dryers and light masks, but a makeup mirror? The last thing I feel like spending tons of money on. So hello to this gem that’s 47 percent off for Prime Day. It’s got two, three, and 10 times magnification; adjustable brightness depending on the light you’re in; and also comes with a USB charging cable. Your upgraded vanity doesn’t have to cost a fortune, bb.
The most stubborn dark spots (talking to you, melasma) might get a little brighter with this serum, which is beloved by half of the Cosmo beauty team. It’s filled with tranexamic acid, which can both fade hyperpigmentation and reduce the overproduction of melanin in your skin that causes the spots in the first place. This serum is definitely pricey, but you can get it for 20 percent off for Prime Day rn, which makes it a lil easier, right?
If you’re not using magnetic lashes yet, WYD? This kit comes with 10 different pairs of magnetized lashes (a mix of natural and ~soft~, along with dramatic and voluminous), two tubes of magnetic eyeliner to help you adhere the lashes to your eyes, and even a pair of lash tweezers to make application even easier. Will be ordering myself a pack (or two), because why would I ever mess with eyelash glue again if I don’t have to?
Just saying, it’s pretty easy to do gel nails at home if you have the right equipment, like this LED nail lamp that’s 46 percent off for Prime Day. The whopping 25,000 reviews rave about the lamp’s motion sensor, which allows you to slide your hands inside to cure your gel polish without fiddling with any buttons.
Beth Gillette is the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan with four years of experience researching, writing, and editing skincare, hair, and makeup shopping stories that range from the best conditioners for curly hair to how to get rid of butt acne. She’s an authority in all beauty categories but an expert when it comes to sifting out the best beauty deals, thanks to four years of covering beauty sales. She regularly tests and analyzes beauty products for efficacy, while working with the industry’s top dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and hairstylists to assess new formulas and brands.


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