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Solar Panels Floating in Space Could One Day Power Your Home – Bloomberg

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German payments company Wirecard was the darling of the nation’s fintech industry. Then came the admission that almost $2 billion of the company’s funds had gone missing.
UBS Hiring ‘Content Reviewers’ to Vet Chinese Research, FT Says
Fed Leads 500-Basis Point Global Assault on Inflation: Eco Week
Canyon’s Real Estate Co-Head Stamolis to Retire at Year’s End
Texas Social-Media Law on  Web Censorship Upheld by Federal Appeals Court
Markets Roiled by Inflation Leave Investors With Nowhere to Hide
Turkey Seeks to Be First NATO Member to Join China-Led SCO
Biden-Truss Meeting Shifted From London to UN General Assembly
Phil Falcone Uses Apollo Court Claim to Secure Loan From Michael Dell
Playboy Sells ‘Big Bunny’ Jet to Family Office for $17.5 Million
Henry Silva, Known for Many Tough-guy Roles, Dies At 95
Architect Vlado Milunić Dies At 81; Linked to Prague Icon
Whatever Happens Next in Ukraine, Russia Loses
Don’t Want Later Abortions? Make Early Ones More Accessible
Gen Z Looks to Bring Its Impatience to Congress
An Auto Designer at GM Says Getting an MBA Helped Her ‘Stand Out’
Hollywood Effects Artists Say It’s Time to Unionize
FTC Joins Push for Rules on Trade of Smartphone Location Data
Cities Grappling With Migrant Influx Costs Could Win Federal Aid
Follow These Steps to Get Your Student Loan Forgiveness
Storm Battering Western Alaska Causes Widespread Flooding
Puerto Rico Declares State of Emergency as Fiona Gathers Speed
A City-Building Video Game With a Giant Twist
California Sees Warning Sign From Weak Tax Revenue Collections
Can Britain’s Endangered Department Stores Be Saved?
Do Kwon, No Longer in Singapore, Says He’s Not ‘On the Run’
Crypto Speculation Falls Out of Favor With Game Studios
ECB Taps Amazon, Four Others to Pitch Digital Euro Prototype


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