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November 25, 2021 by
Shiba Inu recently released a short video clip in a tweet that caught the attention of a lot of members of the Shiba Army. The tweet features a video that is over 16 seconds long and can be divided into two halves of 7 and 9 seconds.
The Shiba Inu army is waiting for the token to once again turn bullish as prices are 56.06% low from the all-time high created a month ago. Could this teaser help SHIB tokens turns bullish once again?
The first 7 seconds of the video are full of bright lights and include hanging bulbs and two studio floodlights. On the other hand, the background music of the video features a hip-hop track.
After the 7 seconds, the next 9 seconds feature a black screen where the same background music runs for the next 9 seconds. The screen is not totally black as it features two words, “WV” and the logo of SHIB, BONE, and LEASH.
In a recent tweet, the lead developer of the SHIB team, Shytoshi Kusama, revealed that there is some good news right around the corner for the SHIB army.
“All that said, I’ll have good news for the #shibarmy this week. Going back into quiet mode to finish up.”
However, it seems that this could be the dawn of a celebration that will be held when Shiba Inu crosses 1 million holders. As per a report it is a possibility that this has got something to do with the celebration otherwise, the video could’ve been released at a later date.
The dark background with only audio featured the letters “MV,” in which the two characters were not in a straight alignment, and the transparency was reduced to the lowest levels.
The background sound followed with a video could be a celebration music video of SHIB crossing 1 million holders. However, it doesn’t matter how hard one speculates; the “MV” could stand for anything. Once the Shiba Inu Twitter handle reveals the entire video, we’ll know what it is.
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