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Tesla FSD hits another bump: Know what it is – HT Auto

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Tesla FSD or Full Self Driving technology has hit another snag as several drivers have reported a problem with it. The affected drivers claim that the Tesla cars’ Level 2 ADAS is stopping the vehicle too early at certain intersections. A few drivers believe the reason behind this abrupt halt of the impacted vehicles is the traffic signs at some intersections are larger than average, claims a report by The Drive.
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A Twitter user posted about this problem on 21st August, saying that he experienced the vehicle slowing down way too early than expected. The driver discovered that there was a larger sign than the conventional ones in the neighbourhood. As he wrote, the sign is probably being interpreted as closer to the car by the onboard computer and ADAS system, eventually causing the Tesla car to slow down prematurely. As he wrote, the sign was 60 per cent bigger than the conventional signs and the car too, interpreted it as 60 per cent closer than the actual position.
Some others in the same Twitter thread argued that Tesla cars’ onboard cameras wouldn’t interpret signs and things in this manner. Interestingly, some other persons, too, reported identical issues with their Tesla cars and ADAS system. He wrote that his Tesla mismarked multiple stop signs. “It used to have this issue with stopping at these stop signs because this street has giant stop signs on it,” the Tesla owner wrote, further adding, “And so it would kind of try and stop a little bit too early because the stop signs were so big and I kind of realized ‘Okay, the size is a big part of how it’s kind of doing that.’ And you can see, it’s kind of doing that here a little bit, too, maybe.”
Although the Tesla owners claim that the issue has been improved with the latest update, it persists. While the reasons for the problem aren’t known, it is just one of many that have plagued the EV maker’s ADAS systems.
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