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Twitter and Google joining forces matters in the social media landscape


Twitter and Google agreed to terms on a deal that would make tweets available online within Google’s search results. While tweets won’t immediately be available on the social network – as the year rolls on, users will begin to see more, and more tweets make it to the Google Search results page. Twitter announced that they would be granting Google access to its firehose data in an effort to make finding tweets, both old and new – a whole lot easier. The move is one that is said to begin toward the second half of the calendar year. This move though is intriguing because it feels as though it’s being done to change the identity of the social network.

After receiving a lot of criticism from investors who believe that CEO Dick Costolo is a major problem within the organization – and for the slow development and growth of the microblogging platform fourth quarter results delivered for the company. On the same day that the company announced the deal that included them partnering with Google – Twitter announced numbers that wound up being incredibly moving for the bottom line of the company.

Twitter becomes Open-cum-Private chat service with Video Sharing, Group DMs

Twitter announced that they had 288 million users now, falling beneath the 295 million mark that analysts had previously set for the company at the close of this quarter. As far as money is concerned, Twitter did just fine, and even beat out many expectations – bringing in $479 million in the last quarter of 2014. The company did note that their actual user base is probably closer to 292 million, which would indicate larger growth than what was previously thought.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo losing faith of Investors but unlikely to give up soon

Ultimately though, the competition between Twitter and Instagram is something that is absolutely key to watch going forward. The deal that Twitter has struck with Google will offer a good insight as to how they can utilize methods that aren’t first on the minds of many to possibly drive up interaction on their site. Perhaps they’ll even be able to boost their numbers, as well, when it comes to actual user signups and work to engage more users in the process. Twitter has also been trying to make their product simpler to use, and less intimidating to sign up for, which will add to the value of housing tweets on Google.

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