Canon has always had an ability to deliver when it comes to camera technology. Say what you want about the rest of the product lineup. Even call it mediocre if you so wish. However, calling Canon’s latest editions to the DSLR camera space anything but “the best” should be put to rest permanently. Whether we’re talking about features or whether we’re talking about quality of the photograph, the Canon 5DS and the 5DS R both deliver incredible results with 50MP of shooting capability.

These full-frame SLR’s deliver in a way that even explores new territory for Canon – developing two of the best cameras that have ever been put on the market. And the price of the 5DS and 5DS R is fair, too. Retailing for $3,699 and $3,899 respectively, the two cameras completely pass and conquer previous marks in the industry. Nikon was the previous title holder for highest resolution – which offered a 36.3MP DSLR in the D810 – but now Canon’s cameras – which both crest 50MP have the lead by quite a margin. Include additional features, a wider ISO range, filters, a Time Lapse Movie mode, which is exclusive to this device and shoots HD video onboard, and what you’re left with is a product that laps the field.


The 5D Mark III that was the predecessor to the 5DS R and 5DS is even bested by quite a margin, and in the process of creating this device – Canon has looked to even beat out some higher-ranged cameras that typically retail for more than $10,000 apiece. Brands like Hassleblad and Mamiya will both have some stiffer competition, as Canon releases and successfully creates a device that isn’t just worth the excitement – but for true photography enthusiasts – worth a purchase.

Right now, it looks like June will be the earliest that anyone will be able to get their hands on these devices, as that is the slated launch time – at this point. However, that could be subject to change – either being delayed or released sooner, should Canon have a different situation approach them in the coming months. For camera enthusiasts though, this is an enjoyable sign to see, Canon, a truly trusted name in the industry – delivering with such a good product.