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Uber Riders will have In-app PANIC button to send emergency alerts in India


Uber riders in India will soon have a new safety feature added to their experience that could help the company deliver a better quality service, as well as get over some of the previously reported safety concerns that have made themselves obvious throughout the last year. The rideshare company though isn’t just stopping with the addition of one obvious feature, which many users have been calling for, for some time. Uber will be adding a few new features. Most notably, users will have a panic button within their Uber app that will allow them to press the button quickly – and have authorities dispatched to their location. This particular feature was initiated after a woman alleged that she was raped in Uber taxi in Delhi.

The feature will immediately alert local police or authorities of the name of the individual, the location, and the rest of the trip details – which would ultimately make it a lot easier for law enforcement to logistically handle getting a call to a moving location. That being said though, Uber isn’t stopping there. The company is employing a “safety net” feature, which will allow those riders and users to share their ride details, GPS location, and other relevant information about their taxi trip – with up to five individuals.

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This is especially handy for those who want to share rideshare information with those who are leaving a party or traveling alone at night – to ultimately confirm the individual’s whereabouts. Uber did point out that they don’t have any plans of installing physical panic buttons for the time being. Perhaps down the road, but in the meantime the amount of confusion and, of course, the obvious cost associated with installing that many panic buttons – is more than the company is willing to unleash.

However, this could prove to be a big moment for Uber who is already in the process of working to revolutionize their rideshare service further. With the company showing willingness to focus on the safety of their riders and putting more emphasis on who is driving their cars for them – this ultimately would create a situation where customers around the world would see their confidence grow in Uber, and propel them into the future.

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