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Android ‘Friends Furever’ ad draws about 4.5 million page views on YouTube


Google has launched an Android ad, in which we see a series of adorable animals – doing all sorts of incredibly adorable things. The ad lasts just over one minute, and while verbally and physically – we see very few words in the ad – it actually says a ton about what Google is working to achieve with Android now. The ad pairs every type of animal you could imagine – featuring domestic animals as frequently as wild animals – and even intertwining the two, as well.

A total of five words are utilized in the ad, and really, they could not be any more effective than they are. However, after watching what is the equivalent of a one minute YouTube montage of small and large animals frolicking together in various places. “Be Together. Not the Same” it reads and is casually titled “Friends Furever.” The ad has already been viewed more than 4.5 million times in three days on YouTube.


All of that is great, and it will undoubtedly generate some nice publicity and advertising for Android moving forward – and for Google after they have historically been defeated pretty soundly with Apple – with regards to their advertising campaigns, specifically around launch time of new devices – after the cuteness wears off, many are still left asking the question “Why?”

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The slogan hits home and is definitely powerful – but it does lack any sort of focus toward their products. That though could have been by intention. Budweiser is historically known for completing ad campaigns like this around, and during the Superbowl each year, and this really would have fit in quite nicely with those types of ads at the Superbowl. However, Google did not make a move to do that – and only released the ad on Thursday. Many have speculated that this ad was even geared in response to the success recently of animal-based ads, which historically done well, but this year even better with the weaker-than-usual competition of ads during the Superbowl. It is important to note that Google is heading toward one of its biggest years ever after Apple reported the single biggest corporate quarter in the history of business – even beating out many oil companies. While Google continues to struggle with getting their new operating systems on their devices, which have been released in the last year, to two years.

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