Home Business Elon Musk hires about 150 Ex-Apple employees to Tesla Motors

Elon Musk hires about 150 Ex-Apple employees to Tesla Motors


Elon Musk has never shied away from controversy. Generally speaking, he has been the single-most dominant force in the world of technology who is not associated directly with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) or Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). Even more impressively, he has not just focused in one area – while entirely revolutionizing the automotive space, space exploration, as well as a few other key areas that make his portfolio rather impressive.

On the other hand though, working for Apple has always seemed like a dream job for many. The company pushes the envelope, has amongst the highest-rated employee satisfaction of any employer, and for obvious reasons compensates incredibly well. If that is not enough, Apple has just drawn the most prolific quarter in earnings report and business history. After the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took the lead and has pushed the company to heights that it previously never saw.

A long time ago, it was written that Apple’s Achilles heel would be retaining talent. To this point, it has not seemed like that has been a major problem for the company. While employees come, and employees go, the consumer has not necessarily seen a bloodbath in terms of the quality of the product on the shelves – which puts employee retention on the back burner. However, it is been recently found that Tesla Motors (NASDAQL:TSLA) and Elon Musk have hired or poached as many as 150 former Apple employees. It is been widely-reported though and dictated by nameless former employees of both companies – that Elon Musk is “enamored” by Apple and comparisons of himself to the founder of the company.

It is been repeatedly written that the similarities between Musk and Jobs are not just products of the fact that the two individuals control companies that are incredibly powerful entities. Instead, it is the attention to detail, the ability to see problems in the future within the company, their leadership, ability to direct, and sheer talent for understanding business. Many Apple employees were made rich by the fact that the company and Jobs, offered the individuals who worked on the original iPhone stock in the company. Now, that stock is worth as much as 12 times what it was then.


Today, Musk employs the same thought process behind getting former Apple employees on board. Massive signing bonuses, promise of a bright future, and most importantly, the notion that Tesla is a company that is here to stay, for a very, very long time.

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