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Google working on video chat support just like Amazon Mayday

Google wants to make everyone’s life a little easier. However, they also want to be the best in the mobile space, while simultaneously making more money. Interestingly, tech companies like Google are being forced to do things that are generally out of their comfort zone, in an effort to round up more customers and to lock the customers that they have currently in for the long haul.

It’s been widely reported that Google is working on a feature which will allow users to video chat with a customer’s service representative in an effort to enhance the support users have with Google products. The move would initially be utilized, as its being tested now, to help prospective buyers find the right device before they spend the money on the device. While many have viewed this as a move to make themselves look better to customers who don’t use a Google device or service at this point – the long-term benefits are obvious for the company.

First, there is the fact that this type of service has proven to be successful already. The Mayday button on Amazon devices is as close to always being connected to an available customer service representative as has ever existed. It’s also being reported that this service is being tested out in the Google Play Store, and is available between 6am and 6pm Pacific time, and should begin getting more headway as time goes on. The ultimate plan is for this type of service to make its way into retail locations where people can be connected to knowledgeable individuals up front, and assisted before their issue becomes outdated and longstanding.

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Within the Play Store, if this is something that users would be interested in trying – simply go to the devices channel in the Play Store and click on the help icon in the upper right corner. At that point, you can choose to talk with a representative face-to-face, rather than other methods. This feature has been available since November, and it’s unclear at this point when this could begin to be employed elsewhere. The company said regarding the function that “We’re always improving features to help our users. We’re in a limited trial of an experimental support feature and gathering feedback, so we aren’t ready to share full plans yet.” Either way, this is an interesting feature that will prove to be a factor heading into the rest of the year.

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