Apple continues to soar on good news even after the company received the best news it possibly could, completing the most-profitable quarter in business history in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Apple has had a great start to 2015. Sales are continuing to be strong, there is a lot of excitement around the Apple Watch, and the entire tech world is still reeling from the single most-prolific quarterly results that have ever been encountered in the business world. Canaccord has now added some seriously lofty expectations for the next several years – as the company noted that in this last reported quarter the company accounted for 93% of all smartphone profits. The company also believes that by 2018, Apple will have 650 million users buying into the iPhone.

While those expectations might seem lofty, they’re in line with what the rest of the company is doing in terms of moving forward. Tim Cook had predicted that Apple jumping to the larger screened device would prove to be beneficial heading into this calendar year – and it was true. Ironically though, while Apple said that this last iPhone would prove to be the biggest upgrade cycle the company has ever seen – Canaccord believes that there is significant room to improve on those numbers. Their numbers would indicate that just 15% of iPhone users upgraded to the latest device. Meaning, only 60 million users – roughly – upgraded to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


Now that the launch of the larger screen has gone over so well, and with Apple also looking into smaller options to work into the fold – the company could theoretically have every option covered. Add that to the fact that Apple is enjoying significantly better numbers than Android when it comes to conversion and use of the latest operating system – and what you’re left with is something that would appear to be pretty obvious to many.

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Apple obviously is going to continue to growing, and continue making a lot of money on their mobile devices, and if this report is any indication – as if anyone needed any more indication – they’re on a very good path heading into the next several years. If these numbers even come close to being hit – Apple will account for a third of the global smartphone subscribers on the planet. An impressive achievement, even for Apple.



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