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Google Glass still alive, being tested at European airport


Google Glass isn’t just getting a fresh look with a redesign. It’s getting new features, a new interface, and a new focus on the future. Google though is working to get their devices in the hands of more users and the best way to do that for the company is to allow companies and businesses to test the running of the device.

Google Glass is seen in airports as an opportunity to take advantage of the hands-free aspect of looking up important information and patching through important notifications to those who work inside an airport. That’s why employees at Amsterdam’s Schiphol hub in the Netherlands is getting to test the Google Glass product to make it better, and show Google where they think more work would benefit the brand.

Many have argued that while Google Glass is something that would be applicable for many people. It still isn’t something that is ready for the mass market or has mass market appeal at this point. Instead, the company is focused on delivering a high-profile Google Glass product to those who work in spaces where the hands-free potential is high. Putting Google Glass within major industries is important for companies to truly be able to utilize all of the information that is out there and get the best out of their business. At least, that’s the way Google is going to sell this one.

Google working on video chat support just like Amazon Mayday

That being said, Google has gone back to the drawing board with this next edition of Google Glass. Specifically, the company will abandon the Texas Instrument processor that was in the original Google Glass, and the company will be opting for an Intel chipset that was specifically designed for this piece of technology. It’s important to note that it’s a great sign that Google isn’t afraid to fail on this one, and that the company is still investing a lot of money into the Google Glass operation. Google Glass definitely will not be seen as a final product – that is ready for the market – until Google is 100% confident in its ability to not only survive on the market – but also thrive – after their original venture went south relatively quickly.

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