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Nokia delivers Major Update to HERE Maps with area-wise improvements


Nokia is delivering on an entirely new level now, with a brand new update to their HERE Maps for Windows and Android. The update is focused on delivering a better mapping experience, and now that Nokia has ability to focus all of their energy on mapping – it is become clear that they are very serious competitors within that space. Key regions had their maps updated like Mayotte, and Zimbabwe, reiterating Nokia’s focus on delivering the best mapping experience around the entire world, and not just in heavily trafficked and typically popular destinations for smartphone users. The update also captures additional details around water features which are found on a map. Lakes, streams, creeks, and more are all represented significantly better than they ever were previously.

Android users will be given the opportunity to update, and will be notified when the app is ready to download – Windows users can download the new mapping data right with the app, and should see the update launch quickly in the next 24 hours. However, this is all a very big step for the company. They also improved the stability of the app and ensured that the app would function well for everyone – on a multitude of devices. This move to continually improve the overall function of the HERE Maps app only reinforces the fact that Nokia is very serious about competing with Google, and others who have been trying to take over that market.

Nokia has had renewed focus on their software and apps since the acquisition took place between Microsoft and Nokia’s mobile hardware division. The move was one that solidified Nokia’s business and worked wonders for improving the overall focus of the company. Giving them an opportunity to invest and double-down on things like HERE Maps where the company can better compete and possibly even win that market. While Google Maps is not going anywhere, HERE Maps is real competition for the tech giant. As Nokia continues to expand their mapping experience, it will be expected to see their share in the market continually grow as time goes on.

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