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Microsoft confirms Sunrise buyout, also acquires N-Trig for $200 million reportedly


Microsoft has confirmed the acquisition of Sunrise, a calendar app that has made positive waves on both iOS and Android. The move is one that isn’t entirely surprising, after the acquisition was first announced a little more than a week ago. In fact, it falls right in line with the recent acquisitions that Microsoft has been working on. Microsoft had made headlines a couple months ago announcing that they would acquire Acompli, the email app for iOS and Android – that was also concerned the best non-default email application.

The acquisition is proof that the company is working to change the way the public perceives it. With the first acquisition, Microsoft took Acompli and changed the name of the application on their way to creating a brand new Outlook app for mail. That being said though, Microsoft has been waiting for some time now to improve their calendar and productivity apps – and with this acquisition – which cost them a reported $100 million, it should put them off to a good start on getting those apps revolutionized and improved on all operating systems.

Sunrise has been the best calendar application on both iOS and Android for long enough now that it got the attention of Microsoft. It is unclear at this point what the company will be doing with Sunrise now that it has acquired it. It would be a safe bet to assume that Microsoft would be releasing, or at least rebranding the Sunrise app, before launching it themselves as the rebranded version. That said, Sunrise called this acquisition “the beginning” of what they say will be a long experience with Microsoft, who now owns the calendar app.

Rajesh Jha, of the Outlook and Office team said, “Today’s acquisition of Sunrise, our recent acquisition of Acompli and our new touch-optimized Universal Office apps for Windows 10 all exemplify Microsoft’s ambition to rethink the productivity category.” All of this and more is coming out thanks to the release of Windows 10, and it’s really doing a good job of building up more excitement around an operating system that is being billed as the one to deliver really, while its predecessor has been considered a massive failure. The company has also reportedly bought the Israeli digital pen producer called N-trig paying about $200 million. Everything the company is doing right now is pushing toward expanding and building out their business to regain user and consumer confidence.

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