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Xiaomi to take on Apple with its online Mi store in United States


Xiaomi has been growing outlandishly in China. Their market share has been growing globally, and within China it has been a quick rise to fame. That being said, Xiaomi has seen the writing on the wall here in the United States, and the company is now taking the first steps to entering the United States smartphone market. The company has founded itself on providing fashionable and functional device to consumers, and it is a plan that has worked wonders for the relatively young mobile company.

The company announced that they would be testing the market here in the United States by selling some lower level accessories and products in an online store to develop a name here first. The company’s name, which can be confusing to pronounce for some, is spoken as “schow-mee,” and should see good results as they enter the market. The company says that they will be able to do this by keeping distribution costs down, and working on providing a product for customers that isn’t flawed and isn’t overly expensive.

It is very likely that Samsung’s struggle globally, and specifically here in the United States – is what caused Xiaomi to make the move into the U.S. market. However, there are still serious questions about how well another Android driven device – no matter how cost-effective it may be – can hold up in this market given how saturated it already is. Without a doubt, if the devices remain inexpensive, they will sell some devices – should they even get to that point. However, right now, it does not appear as though that will be happening in the near future. Instead, it would be more likely that the company continues to develop a name within the U.S. first before making a move to do that – and that could take years.

Apple is coming off a stellar quarter and a year of total dominance here in the United States. While market share figures don’t showcase that dominance quite as well as it could – the U.S. remains a popular destination for high-end devices, and even then, those high-end devices are typically sold by Apple – as opposed to other manufacturers of smartphones. However, Xiaomi does have one thing running in its favor. The company’s consumer base is incredibly loyal, and that is something that will likely work in Xiaomi’s favor as they develop a good reputation.

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