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NASA releases new videos of SUN on SDO’s fifth anniversary


NASA has released one of the most-impressive time-lapse videos you’ll ever see of the sun. It’s a collection of photos that were captured from the Solar Dynamics Observatory – that was launched 5 years ago to the day. It’s been in space for 5 years, but that hasn’t stopped it from delivering some truly epic photographs. Even more epic is the sheer volume of photos that have been captured. The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, or the AIA captured its 100 millionth photo of the sun last month – which was another cause for major celebration on the part of the NASA scientists from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

The information and the data that has been yielded from this project is impressive, too. The Solar Dynamics Observatory is actually responsible for yielding an eye-popping 2,000 scientific papers. In addition to that, the Observatory has led to collaborative efforts that have also yielded significant findings. That being said, if it weren’t for the Solar Dynamics Observatory, experts point out, a lot of these findings and a lot of these collaborations might not have ever happened.

Altogether there were two videos that were released on the anniversary date. One featured the time-lapse photo, which was impressive without any question – but the second featured some of the most-impressive shots of the sun that the Solar Dynamics Observatory ever caught. Most notably, the craft was able to catch some impressive shots of things like solar flares and massive sunspots. Combine this with the addition of an ultra-impressive image gallery at the visitor center. Lika Guhathakurta, one of the program scientists, said, “This mission has touched us on many levels; it evokes a sense of wonder when we see these beautiful images. It stokes our curiosity, and it connects us personally to the deepest mysteries – from the warmth we feel on our skin when we walk outside on a sunny day to the distant reaches of the cosmos.”


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Without any doubt that pretty well sums up just how much this project has meant to NASA and scientists alike. The amount of data that has come from it – the sheer volume of what has been worked through, and the amount of time that the craft, as well as the team members, have put into this continued research really just reinforces the value of what is being obtained.


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