AT&T is debuting a new sharable data plan that is being billed as what could be a new industry standard. The plan will only be available for a limited amount of time, according to AT&T and will feature 7GB of data, which will be called the company’s Mobile Share Value plan. It includes unlimited talk and text, in addition to the traditional sharable data. However, what really sets this plan apart from competitors and revolutionizes is the ability for AT&T to have data rollover to the next month – when some data goes unused. Right now, it is not entirely clear how long the plan will last on the market – but it is formally launch today, February 15th.

The plan will cost $75 per month and will also cost $15 per smartphone line on the account – which would bring the average bill – for a family of three – up to around $120 per month. That being said though, the positives for a shareable data service like this are really second-to-none. While some companies have flirted with the idea of utilizing rollover data – it previously hasn’t been seen in the mobile communications market – since the days of rollover minutes. While there won’t be any cost included that accounts for new phones, the plan will only be available for new users who are not currently signed up for an AT&T service plan.

That being said though there are limits to this plan. For example, AT&T will not allow users to stash massive amounts of data without incurring a penalty. That penalty though will be that after one full month, the saved data will disappear. For example, if the first month of service – a user only gets through 5GB of data – and has 2GB remaining – those 2GB will rollover. However, if the following month – the user does not go over – and utilize all of those 2GB, then AT&T will take them away. It does not appear though as if AT&T will prevent anyone from keeping the plan once they are signed up for it – as some early reports of a suggested plan similar to this did once say. Instead, it’s likely that while it will only be offered for a limited time – the plan is here to stay, once it launches – and could even lead to some changes in the data sharing world.



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