Samsung wants to say goodbye to bloatware in an effort to compete with Apple and their devices, which typically are relatively light in terms of unwanted apps. Most importantly, Apple has never allowed third-party apps to clog up their systems or devices. Samsung though has built this phone from the ground up. According to the company, they built this flagship device from scratch and wanted to distance itself completely from what previously had failed with the previous editions of the Galaxy S device. That being said though, Samsung is said to be in the works to provide Microsoft apps to users who purchase the next Galaxy S6. It’s rumored to come loaded with Office Mobile, Skype, OneDrive, and even OneNote. It’s also worth noting that the Office Mobile product that is supposedly going to be loaded on the device will also come with a free Office 365 subscription.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date set for March 1 at UNPACKED 2015 event

As far as, the interface is concerned, the latest edition of the Galaxy S family will come with a lot of great improvements. It’s said that the company has worked out some significant improvements to TouchWiz UI, which was always a popular UI amongst dedicated users. Additionally, it would appear as though Samsung is working toward creating one of the best overall user experiences that anyone has had through a mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Interestingly, Samsung will be going with the same display as was found on the Galaxy Note Edge, which was a huge hit amongst users who felt that the display delivered on all fronts. Equally impressive though, is what will be packed inside the device. With the bloatware out of the way and an improved processor – either the Exynos 7420 – made by Samsung or the Snapdragon 810 processor. However, that will likely depend on the country you’re residing and using the device. From the top to bottom it would appear as though Samsung is working exceedingly hard to deliver a device that can’t just compete with the Apple iPhone – but also win against the iPhone. The Galaxy S6 is likely going to be launching this spring, and it will be interesting to see how the device holds up in the long run.