Apple is at it again, hiring experts in the automotive industry for an apparent move toward creating a driverless car. The technology giant is reportedly working on developing a driverless car and other automotive technology that could compete with some of the major automotive names on the planet. While it may seem like a longshot, or something that Apple wouldn’t at all be interesting in – now it’s catching quite a bit of attention, after many outlets had been reporting that Tesla was poaching employees from Apple, and Elon Musk was offering significant signing bonuses to those individuals who were working for the company. The results showed that more employees who work at Tesla came from Apple previously, than any other company in the world – a stat that was particularly interesting when talking about the story.

Now though, it would appear as though as Apple’s Industrial Design studio adds more automotive experts and builds on the design team that is currently in place. Even more impressive is the fact that one of those team members at Apple has already created a design for BMW that doesn’t look terribly futuristic but is apparently a design for a fabric covered car. It is been talked that Apple’s interest in the automotive space is just as far as the industry is changing. While they are not necessarily interested in becoming the next Ford or General Motors – there is a very good chance that the company will want to get in the action of self-driving cars. At least to the point of contributing software or revolutionizing software that could be a top of the line for that type of activity.

It certainly wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see Apple as the company which could capitalize in this market since they already have a great deal of expertise in a number of the areas that would be critical to make an automotive project happen. Their software is second-to-none in terms of interface, and function. Moreover, even amid rising costs of devices and the products they deliver – they have a reputation that makes them hard to beat. This automotive project,, in this light – not a stretch of the imagination.