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U.S. government will accept Apple Pay mobile payments starting September

Apple just keeps getting more good news by the day. The company announced that they have now received the federal government’s approval, and they will begin accepting payments this fall. Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection on Friday and announced the move, which received backing from the United States government. Apple Pay will now be used for payment cards, and even admission to national parks according to Cook, and will be even more proof that the payment system – that raised questions at its original launch – is doing very well.

Apple Pay has earned its stripes with security. Cook noted while speaking, “This is another product where security was not an afterthought.” This news, too, comes the same week when Apple furthered their two-step authentication to iMessage and FaceTime, in order to improve security within those functions as well. Overall, it is been a mission for Apple since the data breach in the fall to deliver really on consumer security. While other companies are experiencing regular and deliberate attacks – Apple continues to pave the way when it comes to security – and in one of the most-challenging areas to make security functional.

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Analysts believe that this will only improve Apple’s already good standing with Apple Pay and will allow Apple to assert itself further as the best in the mobile payment space. However, with competition coming from other companies – it will be important for Apple to continue developing their base in terms of retailers who are working with them. This though is also a big deal for the federal government, as it shows signs that they are modernizing in how they approach accepting payments. This conference was a major move for the United States government, but also for Apple, who has a continually growing role in improving technology globally, and influencing the way technology is used in the world. Apple Pay will likely have payment methods expanded in the federal government to build that relationship even further. Since launching in October, Apple Pay has set itself as one of the most-dominant payment methods on the market.

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