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Google to REASONABLY chunk out Helpouts video chat service on April 20


Google is shutting down the service it held to help those who were having trouble getting around on Google. The service called Helpouts will be shut down on April 20th, 2015 – According to an official statement from the company. That statement came in form of a blog post, which reads, “The Helpouts community includes some engaged and loyal contributors, but unfortunately, it hasn’t grown at the pace we had expected.” The service didn’t even launch that long ago, but clearly Google has other plans – as it lived on a relatively short leash.

Google Helpouts wasn’t that loaded with features – as the service only offered one-on-one help to do certain things. Whether a user was trying to figure out how something functioned on Google, or the rest of the web – or whether they were looking to take guitar lessons via the Internet – Google Helpouts was there for users. That being said though, as Google pointed out, it really wasn’t something as widely known or widely used. In fact, the marketing on Google Helpouts was something that remained a mystery right up to the end of its service. While it still has a couple months remaining online – undoubtedly content will fall off even further now that the end is officially dated.


Starting April 20, Helpouts users can download their Helpouts history via Google Takeout, and will keep them saved until November 1st. The video tutorial space is one that has been challenging for different companies to capture, and it would appear as though it was even too elusive for Google to capture. While Amazon has launched a similar feature, it has been successful enough to carry on, unlike the Google service. That being said, it’s unclear what Google’s next step is and whether they will be bringing on any similar services on board or creating anything similar to it in the near future. Google Hangouts though has been accomplishing similar results – and doing so while also accommodating the entire video chat space. Overall, this very well could just be a matter of Google eliminating one service to allow another service to dominate the space entirely within the company, instead of splitting audiences or revenues.

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